4 Aussie startups making a positive impact on our planet

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September 25, 2023


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Australia's been in the spotlight as one of the hosts of this year’s thrilling Women’s World Cup, and although the matches have ended, we wanted to shine a light on why our founder’s home country is a great place for more than football.

Here are four Aussie startups scoring goals in sectors ranging from food tech to fintech we think you should keep an eye on.



MX51 is a fintech startup founded in 2020 and is currentlybased in Sydney.

It’s created a solution for merchants that can take paymentsboth in-store and online through the cloud, with real-time reporting.

The business has been through a number of funding rounds since being founded, with the most recent being aSeries B round in July 2022 when it raised a figure of $32.5 million.



Rumin8 is a food tech startup founded in 2021 and is currently based in Perth, Australia.

The company uses technology to create affordable feed supplements that reduce methane emissions from livestock, which is one of the biggest global contributors to carbon emissions.

The business’ most recent funding round earned it $12 million in January 2023 that was supported by a pair of investors.



Eucalyptus is a startup inthe health space, founded in 2019 and based in Haymarket, Australia.

It has a number of brands tohelp people with healthcare across the country. It says it has so far helpedmore than 250,000 to improve how they take care of their health.

The company has been through a number of funding rounds since being founded, with the most recent being a$42 Million Series C round in January 2022.



Pathzero is a Sydney-based climate tech startup founded in 2020.

It helps businesses manage and measure their carbon emissions and the emissions that they’re financing, with the help of expert environmental consultants.

This helps these corporations to actively reduce their emissions.

The business has raised atotal of $11.6 million through a series of funding rounds. The latest one was asuccessful Series A round in December 2022.


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