Readying maritime SaaS brand, Shipnet for hyper-growth with a bold rebrand to reflect its technological innovations and long-standing history
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Developing new technologies for the shipping industry and deploying them across new markets

Market-leading SaaS software brand Shipnet solves the problems of the modern shipping industry with a complete suite of cutting-edge solutions that manage the technical side of ships before they leave port, measure their safety while at sea, and analyse how to improve once cargo has arrived.

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Challenged to harness the heritage of the brand while embracing the ambitions of its future

The brief for Bray St. from Shipnet was clear: build a digital-first brand that pays homage to its history while making a bold statement that fulfils its vision of the future.

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Developing stand-out in a sea of competition to ready the brand for its future voyage

The strategy devised by Bray St. is a confident and comprehensive identity that enables the brand to stand-out in a sea of competitors and steers it for years to come. Setting the Shipnet business up for success, Bray St. created a lead-focused website, messaging strategy, visual language and ownable brand codes for efficient deployment. All of which are housed on a cloud-based brand guide and asset management system – a first for the industry and an example of best-practice, sustainable operations.

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Impressive lead generation and encouraging brand adoption

Less than 12 months since launch, the brand has seen a three-fold increase in qualified leads and an embedding of the brand narrative within senior management.

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“Creating a sympathetic brand for Shipnet that reflects our technical innovations while honouring our rich history was no easy feat, but Bray St. took a challenging brief and completely ran with it, devising a strong visual and tonal language that sets us up for hyper-growth and future success. As an authentic and engaged agency partner, we can’t wait to enlist their expertise and experience in the next phase of our development. Onwards and upwards!”

Aden Hopkins

CEO, Shipnet

“Daniel and his team at Bray St. turned our brand positioning around in less than seven months – which is quite the feat! – from initial workshops through to strategic and creative development and asset production and sign-off. Ever-agile, creative and professional, they became – and continue to be – an integral part of our growing business.”

Jenny Duffy

Head of Marketing, Shipnet

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