5 brand new technologies that are good for you, society and the planet

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January 10, 2023


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CES 2023, the biggest consumer tech conference each year, recently took place in Vegas. 

As ever, loads of new, and sometimes, futuristic technologies were unveiled. But we're not here to talk about the colour-changing cars, gaming laptops, or portable TVs. What piqued our interest were the technologies that are trying to make a positive impact on our lives, on society, or on the planet. (Or a combination of all three!)

1. Pet smart collar

Invoxia's Smart Dog Collar allows owners to monitor their pet's health, as well as track them using GPS. It monitors your dog's heart and respiratory rate, as well as its sleep and activity. It can also send you to escape alerts if your dog leaves predefined areas.

2. Ripeness scanner

OneThird, a Dutch food tech startup, launched a scanner you can use to check when your avocados (and other fruit) are ripe. The tech aims to help food suppliers and retailers reduce food waste.

3. Zero waste backpack

Laptop case maker Targus showed off its Zero Waste Backpack. The foldable backpack is made from 20 recycled plastic bottles per bag. Its plastic packaging functions as an integral part of the bag (providing laptop protection).

4. Anti-stress cabin

Ayavaya's anti-stress cabin promises to eliminate stress in 20 minutes, through a combo of 4 automated, non-invasive treatments: 

  • Shirodhara, an Ayurvedic procedure which projects warm water onto the forehead.
  • Sound therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Coloured light therapy

You don't need to change clothes or do any exercise. You just push a button and lie down in the cabin for 20 minutes.

5. Fall detection lamp

Nobi's smart lamp can detect when someone falls, and notifies their family. Family can talk to the person through the lamp, and it can even open the front door, if needed. The lamp does a whole load of other clever stuff, too. From recognising habits and patterns to monitoring air quality and detecting smoke.

We don't know which of these will become mainstream, but we're excited about the future if these give us a glimpse of it! We work with tech innovators who, like us, are striving to make a positive difference to people and the planet. 

written by

Daniel Dagher

Founder and Client Director

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