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Creativity, coronavirus and the future of Bray St.

Published on

January 5, 2021


2020 made out of paper

Against the odds of a global pandemic, Bray St. continued to create, innovate and expand.

Bray St. had a year of transformation and success. We followed our own advice and re-shaped our brand identity to better align with our core values, and people noticed. As the world started to share our cloud-based model for working, we were expanding our network and reaching new clients with a fresh face.

Amidst the ‘Deepest Global Recession in Decades’, we took a calculated risk to invest more money into Bray St. Where others saw challenges, we were determined to find opportunities, and we couldn’t do that if we left lockdown in the same position as we had entered.

The world ground to a halt, but Bray St. had to move forward.

Re-brand: This Time, It’s Personal

We love a strategic brand refresh so much, we decided to do it ourselves. The entire Bray St. team and key stakeholders took part in a brand workshop to outline a future direction, vision and values that we could all stand behind. Key to this was aligning our shared values, which gave us a foundation to build on for the rest of the brand. The website facelift and strategic direction followed from there.

Bray St. logo

For-Sight is 2020

Bray St. worked closely with For-Sight, refreshing their visual identity to showcase the innovative and game-changing technology that underpins their products and services. They saw a massive 140% YoY increase in prospective clients, and For-Sight’s target of a 300-hotel client network was achieved 12 months earlier than anticipated. Why just meet expectations when you can exceed them with brilliant results?

Unlocking the guest journey

Covetrus Campaign for Veterinary Wellness

Bray St partnered with Covetrus to create a campaign that would establish Covetrus’ authority on veterinary wellness. Through an engaging content marketing campaign, we connected this brand to specific topics around Change Management and Wellness they had highlighted as focus areas for 2020. A little bold, a little playful, our campaign aimed to show audiences that Covetrus understood their challenges and could offer innovative solutions.

Covetrus product box

It was a year of exciting campaign launches and boldly reimagined brands for Bray St. clients, and in spite of all the dramatic change around us, we had an absolute blast working on these projects. We’re kicking off 2021 with exciting launches and announcements, including a new client brand launch, new client partnerships and a campaign to showcase a digital learning initiative that will overhaul how our client engages with their audience.

We kept learning, pushing and undertaking personal development all with a goal to enter 2021 in a better place than when we entered 2020.

We did it – and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

written by

Daniel Dagher

Founder and Client Partner

Bray St.

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