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Why charity doesn’t begin at home this year

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December 20, 2022


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With Christmas just around the corner – a joyful time for family and friends to come together to eat, drink and be merry – it’s important to reflect.

Sadly, not everyone will be cosy and warm with a roof over their heads, nor will many people have food and drink, or loved ones to spend the festive period with. Gifts? To some, they’re at the very bottom of their Christmas list.  

This is why Bray St. decided to donate to charity this year instead of buying gifts for our clients. As an agency that strives to drive positive change – reflected in how we operate as a business and who we work with, from Btomorrow Ventures to For-Sight and Shipnet – it didn’t only feel like the right decision, but the onl 

So far, we’ve donated a total of £726.75 on behalf of the key clients across our brands, and that’s just the start. The separate gift contributions have gone to a very good cause: Crisis, a national charity in the UK supporting vulnerable people facing homelessness.

Daniel Dagher, founder and client partner at Bray St., says:“This year, more than ever, is a year of need: homelessness and access-to-food are huge issues, not to mention so many living beneath the poverty line, notjust here in the UK, but in Australia and further afield, too. As an agency collaborating with positive brands, it was imperative that we, in turn, did something positive at this particularly difficult time of the year. We hope it inspires others to do the same and pass it forward – we’ve all got to do our bit.”

Helen Radia, interim director of fundraising at Crisis,says: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to Bray St. this Christmas. It’s only because of donations like theirs that we’re able to provide support at both Christmas and year-round for people experiencing homelessness. The generous donation ensures that we can provide warmth, companionship and support throughout the season and help people take their first steps out of homelessness. It also helps us get closer to our ultimate goal of ending homelessness across this country for good.”

Pass it forward and donate to charity this Christmas rather than buy a gift. In addition to Crisis there are many good causes to support, so think about the issue you’d like to help tackle and research the relevant charities in your country or region. Ask clients or agencies to do the same.  

written by

Daniel Dagher

Client Director

Bray St

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