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January 22, 2024


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We’re proud to invest in talent, skills and passion across our decentralised network of associates, from design to account management and editorial, but excellent people need tools that are just as effective. Here, we sing the praises of an intuitive piece of software that can empower your team and increase your efficiency.

With a natural investment in technology and innovation, thanks to clients making waves within their respective categories, we’ve always got a keen eye on developments in software that can empower our team and increase their efficiency.

One such tool we advocate for is Webflow, launched by a US-based tech company that offers intelligent software for building and hosting websites, as well as managing their content and maximising their reach. Of course, the landscape is crowded, from Wordpress to Squarespace, but Webflow has managed to cut through the competition with a CMS that works for every creative and technical skill set, whether you’re a graphic designer, copywriter or content strategist. Without the need for complicated code, the focus is placed on the user experience rather than the level of complication in code, which means everyone in the team can get involved in truly collaborative projects working towards a joint solution. 

By combining a user-friendly interface with a codeless editing system, the software enables teams to manage and deliver content to clients with minimum fuss, while inviting others to collaborate and updating in response to audience engagement couldn’t be simpler. Even if you’ve never used it, we’ve found it infinitely more intuitive to use than Wordpress or Squarespace, without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.  Built-in features such as SEO settings and site security add to the package and give colleagues the confidence in taking a digital presence into their own hands. 

Nicky Rampley-Clarke, copy lead for Bray St., says:

“I love using Webflow to support my projects for Bray St. as I can draft or edit copy directly into a website then request a review for any feedback before setting it live. It negates the need for lots of back and forth over Google documents while bringing me closer to the actual channel the copy is sitting on so I can make sure words work with visuals and the user journey. A customisable, creative and collaborative tool.” 

It's no wonder we use it to update our own website for Bray St., and always recommend it to clients for creating their own, once we have devised their strategy, creative and UI. See how we helped CVC client Btomorrow Ventures and maritime SaaS brand Shipnet create digital presences to ready them for growth. 

Discover more about Webflow and its benefits at

written by

Hollie Ingram

Account Director

Bray St.

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